Summer Reading

Reading is so super exciting to our family!  We love reading aloud, we love reading quietly, we love the library, we love books, magazines, audio books, we love all things reading!  Recently I came across a fairly new podcast called…The Read Aloud Revival Podcast.  The podcast itself is free, there is a membership side of it that has a small monthly charge for a whole bunch of great stuff, but isn’t required to get the podcast and all the show notes.  Today, I listened to the most recent podcast and I was totally amazed at all the great resources in it AND the links for them can be found in the show notes..such as, a downloadable summer reading program for free, book suggestions and summer reading guides.  Seriously, take the time to check this out…its a great resource for your family.  I listened while I changed the bed sheets and did some laundry.  Enjoy!  Read Aloud Revival Podcast #27, amongstlovelythings!

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