More Picture Books Reviewed

So, the last post where I linked to the Brevard County Library System — I found out you won’t necessarily see the pictures of the cover of each book if you are using a mobile device.  If you want to see them, try using a laptop or computer.

Here are a few more…

Mama Outside, Mama Inside by Dianna Hutts Aston, illustrated by Susan Gaber…just beautiful!  This is a great spring book!  Also, it is a nice book for siblings…where there might be a baby coming, a baby just here or maybe even for siblings who are a little grown…but need some reminding where we all come from and the love that goes into a family.  This book is a MUST!  Its illustrated so well and written in a fluid way that matches reality.  Very natural.  (there is a page where breast feeding is taking place…it is very modest and is showing how baby is fed and how Daddy helps Mommy by propping up her arm on a pillow…just a note in case there is any sensitivity to this.)  Get this one right away…put it on hold at your library if you can so it will be ready for you soon.  Enjoy!

Ok, so here are some of our ALL TIME favorites by Janet Morgan Stoeke.  A Hat for Minerva Louise and Minerva Louise at School.  We have been reading Minerva Louise books for a long time!  She is our favorite storybook chicken!  This Momma Jedi has a special voice for Minerva that our family loves!!  Minerva is a sweet and beautiful and very FUNNY chicken!!  There is a lot to enjoy with these books for all ages.  We even wrote to the author, Janet Morgan Stoeke a few years ago and she was kind enough to respond!  It was very exciting for us!

And sadly, another not so great review coming here for Clementine and Mungo by Sarah Dyer.  The storyline is cute and nothing is wrong with it.  The confusion starts with the cover (which you can see if you click the title in green.)  We cannot determine what type of creatures these are.  They are odd looking.  The sister never wears any clothing other than a tutu, which is see through, until bed time.  The brother never wears anything other than a shirt until bed time.  The sister bathes the brother before bed.  There are no parents present in the story.  Its just kind of strange.  Younger children might not notice any of these oddities and enjoy the story for what it is, but it was difficult for our family to enjoy the story with the wardrobe distractions.  Maybe your family will love it despite our reservations, if so, Enjoy!

That wraps it up for today!  Hope you are reading reading reading!!!!

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