This is MommaJedi here.  The egg timer has just been set for 10 minutes to write freely, probably without too much time to edit.  I’ve poured the 2nd iced latte of the day.  We have “schooled” today.  First though, the young Jedi that we homeschool woke me as he does almost every morning.  Until this very moment, he has not asked for electronics.  Yesterday, he was instructed not to.  We are struggling in a lot of areas, one of them is the over use of electronics and the under use of our imaginations and creativity…but most important of all, the lack of building up in our relationships.  We can’t build one another up, we can’t support, know, encourage or bond to one another, unless we choose moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year…to invest into one another, to like one another, to share common interests, to be interested in each others’ interests and passions.  To do things together….to take tea, to eat meals, to eat snacks, to talk, to look at the rain, to exchange ideas, to do crafts/arts in each others’ presence, to look one another in the eye, to walk, to run, to just be together.  We are praying about how God would have us to change our use of electronics, how we might set up healthy boundaries.  So, there, I’ve talked that out.  The young Jedi has obeyed his MommaJedi and chosen not to ask.  Instead, he set up the coffee pot on his own – just by having watched MommaJedi do it so many times…so that Mammaw will have her coffee.  He then proceeded to make breakfast for him and I, as we were the only ones up at the time.  We ate together, it was lovely.  I had my quiet time, he played with his paper Star Wars models.  We talked a little, then we had some school time, which, by the way, was filled with beautiful moments of seeing God’s Hand and timing, beautiful golden nuggets of reminders of how He is with us, we are in His will, He is protecting us, guiding us, giving us His Heavenly wisdom and we are doing what is right in His eyes.  DaddyJedi got up and made us lunch, we ate together and finished up more schooling.  Now, as the two of them nap, I am with four minutes left to write out what I can and post it here, then off to make sure dinner prep is done, snacks are made for football practice, cooler gets packed, I change for my walk at the park, pack my papers for reading, meal planning, cafe specials, note taking, grocery list making and generally straighten up before we leave.  Maybe finish that load of laundry.  This is a hard and winter like time in our lives, there have been so many tragedies, crises, so much pain…only by God’s strength, grace and leading are we here today loving each other, savoring our marriage and our parenthood…this is a time for knowing our joy is only in The Lord, He is our provider, we are greatly loved and He is worthy of our praise!  We praise You our Lord, our only Sovereign Lord!

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